As local governments across the country continue to scale back hours and services amid the coronavirus outbreak, many officials have had to get creative about how they're holding public meetings – or not holding them at all.

During this time of social distancing, government officials still need to keep the legislative process moving forward. During this time of uncertainty, we've gotten many questions from city and county administrators, clerks, and IT all over the country, including:

  1. How do I prepare for meetings while we're out of the office?

  2. How do I continue to maintain government transparency and still run meetings even when offices are closed to the public?

  3. Can I share files and documents so I can still get items approved?

  4. How do I communicate updates around meetings, schedules, and guidelines?

The good news is that you can continue to keep vital operations going, maintain transparency, and keep your residents up-to-date. 

With Microsoft Office 365, you can utilize Teams to maintain communication and collaboration with your team members. Teams provides remote workers with the ability to:

  • Chat: send one-on-one or group messages
  • Meet*: launch a video conference at the click of a button
  • Call*: make clear and reliable calls
  • Collaborate: access, share, and edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real-time

If you don't already have Teams or are using a free version and would like more functionality, Tangent can help you get the proper Microsoft 365 licensing. Contact us for more details.

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* While the use of Teams is free, scheduled meetings, recording of meetings, and phone calls and audio conferencing are not included in the free version. Please contact Tangent for more details and pricing information, if you would like to add these features to your organization's Teams account.

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